New Revenue Strategies

Healthcare providers are often seeking new and profitable sources of revenue. We support those endeavors in several ways and have done so multiple times in the past.  Our projects in this area have included a Cyber-knife center, a joint venture diagnostic imaging center, the acquisition of a surgery center and a business plan for a cardiac rehabilitation program.

Feasibility Analysis

Mansfield takes a versatile and vigorous approach to performing a feasibility analysis for any given project.

  • Does the new idea or business concept fit within the overall mission and strategic framework of the organization?
  • What are the compelling patient care, competitive and financial reasons for the project's review?
  • Is the project a direct fit within the organization or does it fit in a complimentary way?
  • What are the drivers behind the project?
  • Who are the stakeholders?
    • Mansfield strongly suggests that we meet with key stakeholders and others who can influence both the start-up and the outcome of a given project.

Business Planning

Mansfield will provide an in-depth business plan that takes into account the elements outlined below, both at an executive summary level and in detail.

  • A statement of the problem or the need
  • A discussion of the solution, including why it is a worthwhile problem to solve 
  • A description of the market opportunity, including barriers to entry identified in the analysis portion
  • A discussion of the competition
  • A description of the research performed on both a primary and secondary basis, along with a list of references and individuals interviewed
  • A discussion of any legal and organizational considerations
  • A suggested implementation plan, along with a timing plan, as well as a suggested marketing and sales strategy and plan
  • A detailed multi-year profit and loss statement, cash flow statement, capital requirements schedule (equipment, new building or renovations) and a suggested list of sources and uses of funds
  • There will be relevant exhibits, references and attachments

Implementation Services

Our services are two-fold:

  • Develop an implementation plan that can be implemented by us, along with the organization's staff
  • Develop an implementation plan that can be implemented by the organization's staff with or without further guidance from us