Business Development

Successful business growth and expansion in any industry, especially healthcare, often takes seasoned individuals to make introductions and connect contacts at the highest and most appropriate levels of targeted audiences. With more than 30 years of experience throughout the United States, we offer connectivity through a large and increasing body of contacts that can enhance a client’s business proposition and add profitable growth.

New Customer Acquisition Strategies and Connections

We support market expansion through new customer acquisition strategies and connections. This has taken the form of physician recruitment, investor recruitment, identifying specified acquisition targets, and high-level introductions for selling services, products and equipment.

Market ASsessments, Including Competitive Analysis

Consistent with our business planning services, we have performed many market assessments and competitive analyses for clients and for certain businesses where Mansfield principals have held equity positions.

Targeted marketing and business development efforts

Similar to above, Mansfield works with clients to develop the most appropriate criteria for identifying new customers, clients, acquisition targets, investors and providers for them.