Sometimes, life takes you on an unexpected journey. In 2013, Mansfield Group CEO Bob Goodman received a heart transplant. After 30 years in healthcare as a hospital CEO and a consultant, Goodman had an epiphany: how do you create a high quality healthcare environment in which the health system physicians, patients and families work in concert for optimal results? 

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He realized that essentially two things drive achieving this result – a willing and able healthcare system with the right visionary leadership, and a patient with strong family support who has a deep and unyielding commitment to comeback from adversity.

He had plenty of time to contemplate and practice his epiphany while getting himself healthy and working with the healthcare providers at the hospital where he received his transplant. His family and his friends were very much a part of the effort to achieve his optimal results, especially his wife and daughter.

His years in hospital administration, finance, consulting for start-ups, doing turnarounds, and offering advice and counsel to others - coupled with his years of long distance running, hiking, skiing, biking and other physical activities - led him to one big conclusion: you have to dig deep in order to achieve what you want out of life and what you want for yourself, especially when you come back from a near-death experience and are given a very real second chance to live. He learned the skills of tenacity and commitment throughout his life, starting as a child, and it served him well in his second chance at life and business. He used his second life to create the Mansfield Group.

The Mansfield Group is a consulting and business advisory firm that specializes in working with healthcare providers and others associated with the healthcare industry to strategize, plan and develop new sources of revenue, create innovative solutions to complex situations and provide business development services designed to maximize growth opportunities.